Welcome to Discover Jesus


I have always longed for an understanding of God that transcends the limited portrayals I’ve heard from others or seen depicted in media. God embodies love, mercy, healing and so much more. My life changed forever the moment I truly met Jesus, experiencing firsthand who He is beyond the filtered narratives—He is love in action, a bearer of truth, and a performer of miracles.

The videos I share aim to capture this journey of discovering Jesus. Often, we think we understand God, but it’s in those profound moments when He reveals Himself that our perceptions are completely transformed. These encounters are pivotal; they connect us to life itself. I invite you to embark on this journey and discover Jesus for yourself.


    If you want to discover more about Jesus and encounter his life we would love to hear from you. We are always meeting with people in different parts of the community and would enjoy meeting with you. Submit your details below as we continue this journey in discovering Jesus.